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Golden Rules To Success In Forex Must Follow

Only use money what you can afford to lose.
Do not depend on luck.
Check your emotional level before you trade.
Keep displaced always.
Plan the trade and trade the plan.
Record everything in spreadsheet it helps to learn from your mistakes.
Have breaks always.
Trend is your friend don’t go against.
Never try to think tops or bottoms- otherwise go to the casino and pick black or red.
Never change your position or close a trade without a great reason.
Try to avoid scalping for little profits and taking large losses if you scalp you need tight stops.
Remove profits from your account regularly.
Protect your capital, don’t risk all your capital on single trade divide into parts never lose more than 3% in a single trade.
Quit while your ahead, Never overtrade.
Avoid trading after long periods of failure- take a break, re look at your goals.
Don’t follow more number of indicators definitely most of the indicators guide you in wrong way. Because all indicators show past performance perfectly but not present and future.
Always follow long trend lines, Major breakouts, Chart pattern & Candlestick and Current currency fundamentals.
Always identify firm support/resistance levels.
Trade less but wise.
Make sure you follow your rules.