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Extra Features

Extra Features

We can also modify previously made Expert Advisors (EA), indicators or scripts to do exactly what you want. Our programming is accurate, fast and cost-effective.

You can improve performance of your expert advisor adding following extra features!

To order one or several extra features please, contact us via e-mail: coding@mountfx.com.

Please, specify what kind of extra features you would like to add and provide us with your expert advisor or indicator for review. mq4 file (source code) is required.

 Extra Features For Expert Advisors:
Dynamic lot calculation.
  • as percent of Account Balance.
  • as percent of Account Equity.
  • as percent of Account Free Margin.

So, on increase of Account Balance/Equity/Free Margin the lot size will grow too

Dynamic lot calculation with RiskPcnt option.

You will enter an initial risk % of equity you can lose if Stop Loss is triggered.
So if Stop Loss = 50 pips, AccountnEquity = 5000 and RiskPcnt = 10.0 then you will pay only 500$ on Stop Loss.

Dynamic lot calculation by Martingale theory.

New lot will be multiplied by 2.0 (Lot Factor = 2.0 is external parameter) if previous lot was closed in loss.
MaxLot of series will be second external parameter.

Possibility to define work days of the week.


extern string _tmp3_ = " --- Trade days ---";
extern bool MondayOn = true;
extern bool TuesdayOn = true;
extern bool WednesdayOn = true;
extern bool ThursdayOn = true;
extern bool FridayOn = false;
extern bool SaturdayOn = false;
extern bool SundayOn = false;

Trade time to open order from hh:mm to hh:mm.

Example: From 6:30 to 22:45 by Server Time.

Close open orders at Close Time (Close Time is external param).
  • a) only profitable
  • b) only losing
  • c) all
Sound, Popup, Email alerts on set/open/modify/close/delete of an order.
Support of Market Execution (required for ECN brokers).

Open operation will be spitted into 2 parts:

a) Open new order with 0 (zero) stop loss and 0 (zero) take profit
b) Modify sl and tp of new order to actual values.

Make Stop Loss, Take Profit, Trailing Stop hidden to brokers.

In this case EA will manage Hidden (or invisible) stops.
Standard (or visible) stops will be available too.

Breakeven function.

Moves Stop Loss to breakeven level when trade is in profit by X pips

Standard Trailing:

Simple trailing, stop loss follows by the market.

High/Low Trailing:

Trailing by bars High/Low.

ATR Trailing:

Trailing by ATR indicator.

Fractals Trailing:

Trailing by Fractals.

PSAR Trailing:

Trailing by Parabolic Stop And Reverse indicator.

TLine Trailing:

Trailing by some Trend Line added manual on the chart.

MA Trailing:

Trailing by Moving Average indicator.