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Our Syllabus

Our Syllabus

Unaware traders physiology:

Those who don’t trade in forex or new traders with lack of knowledge, they feel that forex is a black sheep of the trading world. They don’t feel that forex market has any purpose and it’s like gambling. They don’t remember that forex is biggest market in the world to trade (4.3 Trillion Dollars trade in a day) and they are missing a big chance to invest in. This cause due to the insufficient knowledge or simply ignorance.

People from all over the world and from all walks of life have learned to trade Forex for various reasons. This includes the working class, business professionals, stay-at-home moms, retirees, and college students alike. Millions of people use Forex as a primary or secondary source of income, a home-based business, an investment or retirement tool, or as a challenging and rewarding hobby.

Detailed Syllabus

Introduction and Basic:

Short notes about forex trading, Benefits in trading forex, Difference between Stock Market Vs Commodities Vs Forex, High Risk awareness and Operating MT4 platform.


Candle sticks, Chart patterns, Basic indicators, Major breakouts, Pivot points, Trendlines and Fibonacci.


Economic Indicators, Interest rates, Financial crisis, Market hours, Market Sentiments, Currency correlations and Intermarket correlation.

Trading Methods:

Day trading, Swing trading, Scalping, Tom Denmark Method, Dow theory, Wolf waves, Point and Figure charts and some special Strategies.

Money Making Method:

Stress management, Trader physiological level, Money management, Disciplinary trade management, Stress Free Trading Technique, Steps to develop a Sucessful Trading Strategy and Useful forex related discussions.

                                               "TRADING IS NOT TECHNICALLY DIFFICULT,
                                         IT'S EMOTIONALLY & PSYCHOLOGICALLY DIFFICULT"

We are offering excellent training program which includes a "Stress Free Trading Technique" for beginners as well as traders and we assure that you can earn minimum profit of 8% to 10% every month by using this technique.

Registering & Knowing of next batch please contact us.

Package details:

  • Two days training program, Lifetime support with every individual client.
  • Training program fees: 40000 INR or 800 USD only.




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